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Agriculture. / April 29, 2009 /

At present remote sensing is an important source of operational and true data on farming industry over large and remote territories that is of particular urgent for our country. Such data is essential to authorities ranging from regional to federal levels to control and plan food production.
Agricultural monitoring evolved from the use of in-situ observations and estimations as well as from use of models of crop yield prediction based on weather data. Satellite agricultural monitoring is based upon the methods and models of crop yield evaluation and prediction using remote sensing data and relying on agrometeorological predictions and in-situ observations.

Under real conditions whereby agricultural network is practically closed down and airborne monitoring is scarcely carried out because of high prices, satellite remote sensing data have prospects.

Remote sensing data provides a comprehensive approach to the following tasks relevant to agriculture:

  • Monitoring of rural areas including whole regions;
  • Snow cover observation and moisture accumulation evaluation;

  • Soil temperature and humidity estimation;

  • Identifying area of fields under one or other crops;

  • Monitoring of different crops condition;

  • Indentifying areas of soil quality degradation;

  • Crop yield prediction;

  • Monitoring of harvesting.

METEOR-3M 1/MSU-E image of rural landscape. Shangalinsky SPK, Stavropol Territory

The result of uncontrolled classification (clustering) by 30 categories of the above image segment

The analysis result of uncontrolled classification (clustering) by 30 categories: Vector schematic map

RESURS-DK1 image of rural landscapes near Amiens, France

RESURS-DK1 image of rural landscapes in the vicinity of Krasnodar, Krasnodar Territory

RESURS-DK1 image of multiple-aged vineyards in the vicinity of Valencia, Spain

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