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Transportation. / April 29, 2009 /

Remote sensing data use for purposes of assessing transport infrastructure condition is one of the urgent trends in the Russian transport monitoring system. Satellite monitoring makes possible the environmental assessment along main traffic arteries and control of traffic centers and stations infrastructure.
The following issues may be solved using remote sensing data:
  • Generation of large-scale photoplans and mosaics of main sections of traffic arteries and stations for land use problems using RESURS-DK1 data;

  • Monitoring of soil and vegetable cover along highways using data of low (TERRA spacecraft), medium (METEOR-M spacecraft), and very high resolution (RESURS-DK1 spacecraft);

  • Monitoring of traffic center and station infrastructure using very high resolution data (RESURS-DK1, IKONOS, Quick-Bird, ALOS etc);

  • Monitoring of construction works in areas of main traffic arteries, centers, and stations;

  • Filling and refining of transport GIS layers using imagery data of high and very high resolution (RESURS-DK1, IKONOS, Quick-Bird, ALOS etc);

  • etecting emergencies (floods, landslides, mud flows etc.) in areas of main traffic arteries using low, medium, and high resolution data, damage assessment in local sites of highways and centers using very high resolution data;

  • Intermittent monitoring (especially when transportation of hazardous cargo) of fractures and lineaments that cross and border with railways in seismically risky areas (Sakhalin, Transbaikalia, and Caucasus) and seismic danger warning.

RESURS-DK1 image, Adler airport, Sochi, 2D and 3D image

RESURS-DK1 image, junction of the MKAD and Yaroslavl highway crossing, Moscow

RESURS-DK1 image, the Moscow Station, St. Petersburg, the building area (foundation pit) of RAO VSM Station (St. Petersburg-Moscow express line), Vosstaniye Square, St. Petersburg

MONITOR-E/PSA image (upper right 2006), and RESURS-DK1 (2008)image, the dynamics of highway bridge construction across Yenisei near Krasnoyarsk

RESURS-DK1 images, left image – June 2007, right image – April 2008. The dynamics of Ust-Luga Port construction, Leningrad Region

RESURS-DK1 image, on the left – June 2007, on the right – July 2008, the dynamics of Vnukovo Airport rearrangement, Moscow Region

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