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Resurs-P Spacecraft (In Operation) / January 18, 2016 /

The Resurs-P series satellite data is used for natural resources study, environmental pollution and degradation monitoring, environmental pollution identification and study, and water protection and protected area monitoring and more….

RESURS-DK1 Spacecraft (Removed from service) / November 18, 2011 /

RESURS-DK spacecraft provides operational multi-band imaging of the Earth’s surface with very high resolution..

METEOR-M No.1, No.2 Spacecraft (In Operation) / September 20, 2011 /

The METEOR-M No.1 and METEOR-M No.2 is designed for global observation of atmosphere and the Earth’s underlying surface enabling hydrometeorological and heliogeophysical data to be acquired on a regular and global basis.

ELEKTRO Geostationary Hydrometeorological Spacecraft (In Operation) / March 16, 2011 /

ELEKTRO geostationary hydrometeorological spacecraft is designed for operational imaging of cloud cover and the Earth’s underlying surface, heliogeophysical measurements, hydrometeorological and housekeeping data collection and relaying.

METEOR-3M №1 Spacecraft (removed from service) / November 3, 2008 /

METEOR-3M1 is a multi-mission spacecraft designed for natural resources study, the environmental monitoring and hydrometeorological and heliogeophysical support.

OKEAN-O Spacecraft (removed from service) / November 2, 2008 /

OKEAN-O spacecraft is designed for an operational and all-weather acquisition of data on the World Ocean and land surface conditions..

OKEAN – О1 Spacecraft (removed from service) / November 1, 2008 /

OKEAN-O1 spacecraft is designed for all-weather acquisition of data on the World Ocean surface conditions..

Land complex of reception of information RSD / July 16, 2008 /

Land complex of reception of information RSD.

Complex of preliminary and standard processing of the space information / July 14, 2008 /

The complex of hardware, program and methodical tools provides carrying out of a full work cycle of works with the data of space supervision of a terrestrial surface..

Thematic processing complex / July 13, 2008 /

Thematic processing of the space information allows to estimate a state of environment and natural objects..

Complex of processing of the hi-resolution information / July 13, 2008 /

According to materials of space shooting of the hi-resolution are developed….

FAQ по ДЗЗ. / July 9, 2008 /


Archive and the electronic catalogue of RSD complex / May 27, 2008 /

The Complex of hardware and software tools for maintenance of archive storage.

Complex of interaction with consumers of RSD / May 26, 2008 /

Operative access to the electronic catalogue through the Internet for consumers is provided.

MONITOR-E Spacecraft (removed from service) / January 21, 2008 /

MONITOR-E spacecraft is designed for acquiring operational remote sensing data to the benefit of environmental monitoring, emergency monitoring, natural resources research, cartography, and economical activity.

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