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Complex of interaction with consumers of RSD. / May 26, 2008 /

The main functions:

  • Gathering of orders and formation of the plan of space shooting with satellite demanded areas;

  • Selection of the data (search in the electronic catalogue and archive), viewing of photoprints available in archive and shots of video images,

  • Manufacturing of files of target forms with results of search;

  • The organisation of processing of materials of shooting and working out on their basis of derivative information products;

  • Production estimation of cost under price-lists, registration of orders and contracts.

  • The organisation of performance of joint thematic projects.

  • Training.

Kinds of target information products:

  • The synthesised images (standard levels of processing) in a digital form and on paper carriers

  • Digital raster cards of various scales

  • Cards of classification of conditions of natural, agricultural and technogenic objects

For reception of necessary information materials it is necessary to fill the demand for page of the order of the data or to contact operators of a complex on ph. 925-04-19, 229-43-89.

Data is given on optical and magnetic carriers or through the Internet under report FTP

Consumers of given RSD

  • The organisations and establishments:

  • The Ministries of Emergencies

  • The ministries of natural resources
  • The Ministries of Defence

  • Administrations of cities and regions

  • Academies of sciences of the Russian Federation

  • Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service

  • The Ministries of Education

  • The commercial organisations

  • The organisations of foreign countries

Operative access to the electronic catalogue through the Internet for consumers is provided

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