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Complex of preliminary and standard processing of the space information. / July 14, 2008 /

the Complex of preliminary and standard processing of the space information

the Complex of hardware, program and methodical means provides carrying out of a full work cycle of works with the data of space supervision of a terrestrial surface.

The Technology of preliminary processing the space information provides following kinds of quality assurance of the accepted information:

  • the control of conformity of actual operating modes of equipment with earlier planned in the program of measurements;
  • the control of conformity of actual values of parametres of equipment and parametres of orientation КА standard values;
  • the control of the orbital data for the purpose of specification of a geographical binding of the initial image.


The Technology of standard processing the space information provides manufacturing of information production under orders of consumers with use of 3 standard levels of processing:

  • processing Level — 0 :
    It is carried out:
    • restoration spatially – time structure of the image;
    • preliminary radiometric processing (elimination сбойных lines and pulse hindrances);
    • a geographical binding under the orbital data (with attraction of Tm-given and without);
    • preservation in the GIS-FORMAT and standard graphic formats.
  • processing Level – 1 :
    Includes processing on level 0 and it is in addition carried out:
    • statistical radiometric correction;
    • photometric correction;
    • the specified restoration of existential structure of the image on the basis of the korreljatsionno-extreme analysis;
    • geobinding specification on one or several ОТМ.
  • processing Level – 2 :
    Includes processing on level 1 and it is in addition carried out:
    • correction of the geometrical distortions caused by regular errors of film-making equipment, curvature and rotation of the Earth, change of elements of orientation (with attraction ОТМ and without);
    • transformation to cartographical projections with parametres эллипсоида Krasovsky of 42: Меркатора, stereographic, Gaussa-Krjugera, НПИ;
    • preservation of results of processing in format RSML, in standard graphic and GIS-FORMATS.

Target production registers in standard optical carriers: ZIP, DLT, CD, DVD; access granting to the information through Internet (FTP server) is possible. A format of the data: GIFF, TIFF, BMP, LANN. The conclusion of a printer print is possible at will of the customer.

The Technology of cataloguing and archiving the space information allows to carry out:

  • carrying out in an operative mode of cataloguing of the arrived information, including allocation of the given separate onboard devices of supervision, their geographical binding, formation of the compressed images, an estimation of a cloudy covering, entering of the attributive information and the compressed images in a database of the electronic catalogue;
  • conducting operative archive on magnetic disks and archive of long storage on magnetic tapes;
  • conducting the electronic catalogue of the space information;
  • providing of access of consumers to the space information on a local network and a network the Internet with use of technology of search of the necessary data under the electronic catalogue.

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