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Complex of processing of the hi-resolution information. / July 13, 2008 /

On materials of space shooting of the detailed permission are developed:
  • Digital images of areas of land surface with the lresolution 1m and 2 m.
  • Digital models of a relief
  • Orthotransformed digital images (photoplans).
  • Topographic maps of various scales.
  • Special and thematic cards of various scales.
  • Vector geoinformation layers (are used at creation of special geoinformation systems).
  • thematically processed materials (an estimation of ecological conditions, conditions in areas of ecological and technogenic accidents, productivity of agricultural crops, conditions of woods etc.)

Цифровая модель местности
Фрагмент цифровой векторной карты на район г. Мекка
Фрагмент фотоплана г. Йоханнесбург, ЮАР
Digital model of district

the Fragment of a digital vector map on area Mecca
the Fragment of the photoplan Johannesburg, the republic of South Africa

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