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OKEAN 1 Spacecraft (removed from service)

Mission Objective
Spacecraft is designed for an operational and all-weather acquisition of data on the ocean surface conditions.

Tasks to be fulfilled:
Monitoring the Arctic and Antarctic ice conditions: mapping the boundaries of different thick ice floes; detecting large ice leads, areas of higher wind-driven waves resulted from hazardous natural phenomena; monitoring inland water bodies.

Federal and governmental services organizations (Rosgidromet, Minmorflot, and others) and consumers on vessels at sea as well
Special Features:
One spacecraft in orbit provides a full coverage of the entire Russian Arctic water surface with imagery data for 3-5 days .

Performance Characteristics of Onboard Instruments

Resolution, km1.5 2152.00.37
Swath width, km470550 19001100
Spectral range (working wavelength3.2cm0.8cm0.5 1.1m0.6 1.1m1533MHz
Number of channels1142

RLSBO Side-looking radar
RM-08 Scanning microwave radiometer
MSU-M Multi-channel scanning device of low resolution
MSU-S Multi-channel optoelectronic scanning device of moderate resolution
Kondor Equipment for data collection and downlink from marine and ice stations

Main Characterisitics
Launch date of 1st spacecraft of this series 28.09.83, numbers 1-10
Spacecraft mass 1900kg
Payload mass 550kg
Booster Tsiklon
Orbital parameters:
-Altitude 650km
-Inclination 82.50deg.
Developer NPO Yuzhnoye

The spacecraft has been removed from service because of reaching the end of its service life.

URL : http://www.ntsomz.ru/ks_dzz/satellites/okean_o1
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