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RESURS-DK1 Spacecraft (Removed from service)

Mission Objective

Multi-spectral remote sensing of the Earths surface aimed at acquiring high-quality visible images in near real-time as well as on-line data delivery via radio link and providing a wide range of consumers with value-added processed data.

Tasks to be Fulfiled

  • Data supply for resource management and economical activity (inventory of natural resources, topographic and thematic mapping);

  • Monitoring of pollution sources of the atmosphere, water and soil with the view of providing Federal and regional environmental authorities with the relevant information to make management decisions;

  • On-line monitoring of man-caused and natural emergencies for the purpose of effective planning and timely performing of measures to eliminate damages;

  • Supplying home and foreign consumers on a commercial basis;

  • Research activities.

The RESURS-DK1 provides the earths surface images in panchromatic range with resolution no worse than 1 meter and in three narrow spectral ranges with a 2-3m resolution in near real-time.

Special Features
The spacecrafts special feature is the improved operational and accuracy characteristics of images acquired. Due to design technologies, the RESURS-DK has considerable reserves in mass, capacity, and power supply that enable other target-oriented instruments to be installed as well as accompanying scientific and application experiments to be carried out. Thus, the RESURS-DK1 will be equipped with the Italian PAMELA science instrument designed for studying antimatters: antiprotons, positrons, nuclear and electronic components in primary cosmic radiation, and with the Russian ARINA science instrument designed for recording high-energy electrons and protons, their identification, discrimination of high-energy particle bursts-earthquake forerunners.

Main Characteristics

  • Launch date: 15 June 2006

  • Spacecraft mass: 6570 kg

  • Payload mass: 1200 kg

  • Launcher: Soyuz-FG

  • Spaceport: Baiconur

  • Orbital parameters:

    • H=360-604 km

    • i= 70.4

    • Swath width (at nadir): with H=350km up to28.3km

    • FOR (Field of Regard): with H=350km 448km;

  • Resolution on ground:
    • No worse than 1m (panchromatic band),

    • 2.0-3.0m (in narrow spectral bands);

  • Active life: 3 years

  • Developer GNP RKTs TsSKB-Progress

    URL : http://www.ntsomz.ru/ks_dzz/satellites/resurs_dk1
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