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The 1st of December 2010

All-Russian scientific and technical meetings, conferences and seminars

Siberian GEO-Forum. The forum hosts exhibitions: "Oil. Gas. Chemistry «,» Mining ". March 29-31, 2011., Krasnoyarsk. Organisers: Exhibition Company «Krasnoyarsk Fair», tel: (391) 22-88-616, 22-88-612, www.krasfair.ru,
e-mail: nedra@krasfair.ru

GEOFORM + 2011. 8-th International Industrial Forum. Moscow, March 15-18, 2011. Organisers: International Exhibition Company MVK, Association of Transport Telematics Association «GLONASS / GNSS-Forum», tel: (495) 925-34-86,
e-mail: dnj@mvk.ru, www.geoexpo.ru

Surveying. Mine surveying. Aerial photography. At the turn of the century. 2 nd International Scientific Conference. February 10-11, Moscow. Organizers: MIIGAiK, SSGA, the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), Russian society is the promotion of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, tel / fax: (495) 649-61-05,
e-mail: info@con-fig.ru, www.con-fig.ru
International conferences, seminars and exhibitions

Space Technology: Present and Future (advanced space technologies for the benefit of mankind). 3rd International Conference dedicated to 100 anniversary of the birth of MK Yangel. April 20-22, 2011, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Organizer: International Academy of Astronautics, National Space Agency of Ukraine, State Enterprise «Design Bureau» South ", tel.: +38 (0562) 38-47-90, http://www.dpukrconfiaa.org.
The main thematic areas:
Current and future space-rocket systems, launch vehicles and their components and systems;
Current and future space satellite systems;
Prospective rocket engines and power plants;
Materials and technologies;
Space for Humanity (methods and prospects of space education for youth; remote design and training via the Internet, space exploration: the political, economic and legal aspects, the exploration of outer space and international cooperation, the impact of space activities on the socio-economic development and everyday life of society) .

Abstracts submitted to the Organizing Committee before 15 February 2011. Since the requirements for abstracts can be found in the sector 2601. Registration fee for participants from CIS countries is 4000 rubles.

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