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May, 4th, 2009. / July 1, 2009 /

All-Russian scientific and technical meetings, conferences and seminars

XLIV Scientific Readings Dedicated to the Memory of KE Tsiolkovsky.  September 15-17, Kaluga. Organizers: Russian Academy of Sciences, Organizing Committee of scientific readings memory KE Tsyolkovsky, tel.: (8 495) 638 60 08,

Will work on reading the following thematic sections:

  • Section 1. «The study of scientific creativity KE Tsyolkovsky »,
  • Section 1a. «The history of rocketry and space science and technology,
  • Section 2. «The problems of missile and space technology»,
  • Section 3. «KE Tsiolkovsky and the mechanics of space flight »,
  • Section 4. «KE Tsiolkovsky and the problems of space medicine and biology »,
  • Section 5. «Aviation and aeronautics»,
  • Section 6. «Space and society. Philosophy KE Tsyolkovsky »,
  • Section 7. «KE Tsiolkovsky and scientific forecasting »,
  • Section 8. «KE Tsiolkovsky and the production of space »,
  • Section 9. «KE Tsiolkovsky and professional activities of Astronauts »,
  • Section 10. «KE Tsiolkovsky and Education »,
  • Section 11. «Economic problems and the practical use of space activities».

In addition to breakout sessions in the XLIV Readings provides for:

Symposium «Space and business strategy of humanity»,
Round table «Rodina KE Tsyolkovsky — pioneer of the introduction of space activities in the socio-economic and management practices of Russian regions »,
Round table «Cosmic philosophy and we (for a discussion of books 2000-2009 biennium.)».
Abstracts should be submitted before May 15, 2009 Organizing Committee (no more than one page, font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing single) with the number and name of the section. There is a need to communicate information about the author.

Market geoinformatics Russia. Current state and development prospects. XVI All-Russian Forum. Exhibition «Geoinformatika’2009».June 8-10, Samara. Organizers: GIS Association, NP «Povolzhye center space geoinformatics», Samara State Aerospace University, RSU of oil and gas them. IM Gubkina, tel / fax: (499) 135-76-86, (499) 137-37-87, e-mail:, Internet:

The main themes of the Forum:

  • Public policy for the utilization of GIS technologies and spatial data. Major federal projects using GIS (the inventory of real estate, forestry, agriculture, navigation).
  • Prospects for improving the legal and regulatory for Geodesy, Cartography and Geoinformatics of the Russian Federation.
  • Challenges and issues of Russian spatial data infrastructure (RIPD).
  • Geoinformation technologies in the implementation of regional projects of members of the Russian Federation.
  • The Russian market software and hardware for GIS projects.
  • Presentations of new year: GIS technology in corporate projects (mining, energy, communications, transportation). GIS in various types of mass service (personal navigation, mobile telephony, Internet access).

During the Forum plans to:

School of young scientists «Mathematical modeling of spatial data processing».
Business game «The list of priorities and a common sequence of actions to create a GIS for the territorial entity of Russia. Sources of funding requirements for the sources and types of information, the effect of the introduction of ».
Workshop for developers of GIS applications and map «software and hardware elements of a framework of reference for regional spatial data infrastructure».
Training course-business game «Institutional and legal aspects of creating and producing maps for open publication in the digital (including h, the Internet) and printed cboDMes.
Discussion «The curvature of space and data: geodetic networks, map projection and coordinate system».
Roundtable for developers «system software open source (OpenSource), the use of public (including global) data sources,
Workshop for Developers «Building Systems Reference multivremennyh uniform coating of space-based and aerial photographs. Automated processing and analysis of remote sensing data »
Master class for users of GIS «Inge».
Identifying and rewarding the nominees Forum.
Exhibition «Geoinformatika’2009» (8-9 June 2009).

Systems for observing, monitoring and remote sensing of the Earth «SYSTEM DZZ’2009».VI Scientific and Technical Conference devoted to 150 anniversary of the AS Popov. 14 -18 September, the city of Adler, pension «Chernomorets» (Krasnodar, Adler p-n, pos. Vesele).
Organizers: Branch SSC RCC «TSSKB — Progress» — PNP «OPTEKS» together with MNTORES them. Popov, Tel. :621-16-16, 624-09-19, fax :624-62-14.

The main directions of the conference:

  • remote sensing (RS) from space;
  • opto-electronic equipment, devices and sensors for surveillance, monitoring and remote sensing;
  • terrestrial means and methods for receiving and processing information;
  • photodetectors and components for monitoring and remote sensing;
  • photonics, applications and specialized systems of observation.

The texts of the reports should be submitted to the Organizing Committee before 31 July. Since the requirements of the report can be found in department 2601. Participation cost 12900 rubles (hotel, organizational expenses, the cost of collection of scientific works).

International conferences, seminars and exhibitions

Sixth International Aerospace Congress IAC 09On 75-th anniversary of Earth’s first cosmonaut Y. Gagarina, 23-27 August, Moscow. Organizers: Federal Space Agency of Russia, Moscow Government, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Federation of Astronautics, etc.

Thematic areas:

  • Aerospace systems: operation, design
  • Cruise space transportation system
  • Space transportation system, sea-based
  • Space stations and satellites
  • Technologies in space, space development
  • Aerodynamics and flight dynamics
  • Propulsion and fuel
  • Automatic Control and Navigation
  • The stabilization of the spacecraft in flight
  • On-board equipment and systems
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • The software and artificial intelligence
  • Aerospace materials and technology
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Monitoring, diagnostics, nondestructive testing methods
  • Quality management and certification
  • Terrestrial Systems Services
  • Medical and biological problems
  • Ergonomics and human factors
  • Economy of space programs
  • Aerospace Information Systems
  • The research environment of space geodesy and cartography
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Microgravity: Theory and Practice
  • Prospects for Space Science
  • The development of outer space and the social problems
  • Educational Technology
  • International standards for aerospace products
  • Law and legal issues of space exploration
  • Energy Problems
  • Participation of non-governmental organizations in the aerospace programs
  • The history of aviation and astronautics
  • Plenary meeting devoted to 75-th anniversary of Earth’s first cosmonaut Y. GAGARIN.
  • The symposium is devoted to 100 anniversary of the GE Lozino-Lozinsky.
  • Roundtable: «The use of space for peaceful purposes».

Top of the Congress will be published abstracts. Abstracts should be submitted to the Organizing Committee before May 15, (volume 1 page format A-4 through a single-spaced in English and Russian languages, the font size — 12, font — Times New Roman, e-mail: Specify the name of the report, the thematic area (section), name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, tekst.Polnye texts of the reports up to 4 pages, submitted to speakers at the time of registration.

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