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The 2st of November 2010.

All-Russian scientific and technical meetings, conferences and seminars

Organization, technology and experience in cadastral works. 15 th National Conference. November 23-25, Moscow. Organiser: GIS Association, tel.: (499) 135-25-55, e-mail: gisa@gubkin.ru
Innovative education and science in modern Russia. Conference. November, Novosibirsk. Organizer: Institute of Philosophy and Law, RAS, tel.: (383) 330-25-67

International conferences, seminars and exhibitions

Aerospace. Conference. November 16-18, Moscow. Organizer: Moscow Aviation Institute, tel.: (985) 457-37-51, e-mail: aviacosmos@mail.ru

    Items for Discussion
  • aviation systems
  • Missile and Space Systems
  • power plants of aircraft, missile and space systems
  • Information and communications technology aircraft, missile and space systems

Intellectual Property «Expopriority’2010. 2 nd International Forum. 7 — 9 December. Moscow, TSKV Expocentre. Organizers: RF CCI and the Expocentre, tel.: (499) 795-37-99, 795-39-46, fax: (499) 795-26-75, e-mail: tipkova@expocentr.ru

    In the Forum
  • Congress on intellectual property.
  • Seminars (software as intellectual property — the methods and means of protection; promotion of innovation on the Internet, intellectual property, customs union, common questions of exports and imports).
  • Seminar on Trademarks.

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