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The Russian ELEKTRO-L Satellite Brings to the Attention of the U.S. Planetary Society. / August 15, 2013 /

The paper about the Russian ELEKTRO-L satellite ( ) has been published on the Website of the U.S. Planetary Society ( ). The paper leads on the capabilities of the ELEKTRO-L imaging equipment and demonstrates the images of the Earth taken from the satellite.

The Planetary Society is a non-government, non-profit organization; it was founded in 1980 with the participation of Carl Sagan, a noted scientist and popularizer of astronautics. Today, the Planetary Society is the most mass and authoritative association of scientists, specialists, and enthusiasts of space in the USA who actively elucidate the problems of the progress in space flight and the Universe research in the USA and overseas.

This paper is not the first case of interest in ELEKTRO-L spacecraft demonstrated by the Russian and foreign publications, and public organizations.

Vitaliy Egorov, the author of the paper is an enthusiast from Russia. He is interested in the progress in space flight in Russia and abroad. V. Egorov has published the articles devoted the ELEKTRO-L spacecraft and other matters relevant to the Russian cosmonautics development many times.

The ELEKTRO-L hydrometeorological spacecraft was built by NPO Lavochkin and placed into orbit in January 2011. The spacecraft is in a geostationary orbit. In normal mode, ELEKTRO-L takes images of the earth’s surface 24 hours a day every 30 minutes and when needed the interval between imagery sessions may be reduced to 15 minutes.

The NTs OMZ receives the ELEKTRO-L imagery data of the earth’s surface and processes, storages and distributes them to customers. The catalog of the ELEKTRO-L images is accessible on the NTs OMZ Website ( ) and on FTP server ( ).

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