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The weather satellite "Meteor-" is successfully introduced to a target orbit

Start CR of «Sojuz-2» from the cosmodrome Baikonur on which board there was a weather satellite and 6 small SA, has taken place on September, 17th. The space apparatus «Meteor-M» 1 was separated from upper block «Frigate» and executes flight on a target orbit.

For the first time in a hydrometeorological space apparatus as regular equipment for all-weather remote sounding of the Earth the onboard radar-tracking complex «Northerner-» is included in SM — a range of radio-waves.

All devices 1 are developed for «Meteor-M» by the Russian space industry, characteristics of all measuring means onboard correspond to the international level, and on their configuration the Russian companion favourably differs from foreign analogues, including, American and French.

The signal from it will be accepted by all countries, and the transmitted information will conform the requirements of the World meteorological organisation
The basic characteristics SA «Meteor-M» 1 can be looked here

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