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Meteor-M 1 The first steps

The first switching on of onboard equipment spacecraft «Meteor-M» was carried out at the 1st and 2nd of october.
Implemented the switching on of one of the devices set multispectral satellite imagery (KMSS), multizone scanner MSU-100 medium-resolution, consisting of two cameras.

Reception and Processing KMSS carried out in NTc OMZ, which operates the spacecraft «Meteor-M» 1.

In line with the NTs OMZ in the technology adopted and registered at the reception complex PC-7 in two sessions, targeted information KMSS after separation from the common file-flow instrument telemetry files and files were automatically transmitted to the server intelligence complex primary processing space information.

Further analysis and processing adopted in the first session of images were performed interactive features of the complex thematic processing. Completed georeferencing 2 fragments of cloud-free image (orbit 193) for each of the 2-cells, as well as their tsvetosintezirovanie. These images were selected and expanded the most informative in terms of quality georeference cloudless fragments. Analysis of the processed images showed that the spatial resolution of the image on the ground corresponds to the application of developers (54 m) together with the developer apparatus (ELN Cosmos-NT ").

In the long term targets real-time monitoring tools KMSS for socio-economic development of Russia can be:
— State and prognosis of agricultural productivity
— State and dynamics of forest cover, the discovery of illegal felling,
— Processes of desertification and deforestation,
— State and dynamics of snow cover,
— Geological exploration,
— The characteristics of cloud cover,
— Emergencies and their environmental effects: forest fires, floods and floods, devastating atmospheric phenomena, volcanic eruptions, large man-made disasters.

Below are fragments of the first images from the spacecraft «Meteor-M» 1.

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