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About the launching of the źMeteor-M╗ spacecraft , with an associated spacecraft źZA-002 SumbandilaSat╗ and small spacecrafts that will serve students

Simultaneously with the launching of the «Meteor-M» September 15 launcher «Soyuz-2» with the upper stage «Fregat» scheduled for launch spacecraft «ZA-002 SumbandilaSat» and small spacecraft (ICA) «Sterkh», «University — Tatiana-2», «Digital Photography», «UGATUSAT» and to conduct technological experiments «IRIS».

SC «ZA-002 SumbandilaSat» (manufacturer and developer of the company «SanSpeys and Information Systems», South Africa) is a satellite remote sensing of non-military purposes, for monitoring the surface of southern Africa.

Run the ICA «Sterkh» made in accordance with the Federal Space Program of Russia for 2006 — 2015 years.
ICA «Sterkh» is designed to determine the coordinates of the distressed sea, air and ground objects (COSPAS mode), as well as to gather information from meteorological and environmental data collection platforms and determine their coordinates.
ICA «University — Tatiana-2» is designed and manufactured FSUE «VNIIEM» in accordance with the decision on cooperation of the Federal Space Agency and the Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University for the implementation of priority national project «Education» and implementation of joint research and development work.

Microsatellite «Digital Photography» (autonomous laser spherical glass baffle system) is designed and manufactured Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Institute of PP» in accordance with the Agreement between Roskosmos and the International Service for laser ranging from January 10, 2006

Microsatellite «Digital Photography» designed to examine the scientific issues in the field of geophysics, geodynamics, and the theory of relativity, as well as to meet the challenges of high-precision measurement and long-term prediction of orbits of the specialized navigation and geodetic spacecraft.

Microsatellite «UGATUSAT» is intended for educational and research tasks associated with the creation of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, an educational center for training young scientists in the field of infocomm technologies based on micro-satellite systems.

Appointment of technological experimental setup «IRIS»-an orbit technology demonstration experiment with a compressed-air-curing structures — inflatable curing solar generators. Active experiment in accordance with the Agreement of 23 December 2003 between the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «NGO behalf SA Lavochkin »and the International Scientific-Technical Center.

Task of the experiment «IRIS» — development of the technology curing structures in conditions of orbital flight.
Experiment «IRIS» carried out after the main mission RB «Fregat» and completion operations with additional payloads

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