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Federal Space Agency on a request of MOE realized space monitoring of the tanker accident and oil spill in the Samara region area

According to the results of imaging spacecraft «Resurs-DK1» of 16 July at 11 hr. 51 min local time, near the village of Pecherska between Samara and Syzran been accidental tanker, the tanker for pumping oil, tugs and bonnovye fence (Photo 1) deployed to locate the spill.
Downstream Volga observed local surface contamination.
Monitoring of the area the accident of space continues, this morning carried out another survey from the spacecraft «Rusurs-DK1», the data will soon be accepted and processed by the Scientific Center operational monitoring of the Earth Federal Space Agency for the transfer to the National Center for Crisis Management EMERCOM Russia.

A more detailed space monitoring the spill area can be downloaded here

Photo number 1. County tanker crash

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