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Lomonosov Satellite Prepared for Operation

«VNIIEM Corporation» JSC has successfully developed the Lomonosov research satellite.

The spacecraft has undergone the qualification tests with positive results. All the requirements of the draft proposal were met.

Currently, the Lomonosov satellite is in the VNIIEMs assembly & test building to be prepared for transportation to the Vostochny Cosmodrom upon final operations.

The Lomonosov research satellite is being created upon the order of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University by «VNIIEM Corporation» JSC and designed for scientific experiments to study the transient luminous phenomena of the Earths upper atmosphere and the Earths magnetosphere radiation characteristics, and for basic cosmological studies. The spacecraft is equipped with the space telescope to measure the energy spectrum and chemistry of ultra high energy cosmic ray from near-earth orbit. Moreover, the spacecraft has the instruments to study the cosmic gamma-ray bursts and the Earths magnetosphere.

The VNIIEM Corporation has gained a 70-year scientific and practice experience in developing high-tech products to the benefit of such institutions as ROSCOSMOS, ROSATOM, GAZPROM, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Natural Resources, EMERCOM, and others. The VNIIEM Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of space equipment and is currently creating a number of multipurpose space remote sensing complexes.

ROSCOSMOS Press Service

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