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Space Shuttle "Atlantis" docks with ISS

Latest in the history of American space exploration space shuttle «Atlantis», which started on Friday with the spaceport at Cape Canaveral, docked with the International Space Station. As RIA Novosti reported the Russian Mission Control Center (MCC), the operation of the docking took place in a normal mode and the estimated time.

«After the opening of the transfer hatches crew of» Atlantis «will be warmly received by members of the international crews on the ISS,» — said the representative of the Centre.

The last mission, «Atlantis» will last 12 days. Shuttle crew headed by NASA astronaut Chris Ferguson (Chris Ferguson).

«Atlantis» delivered into orbit 3.9 tons of cargo in the multipurpose module «Raffaello». The current flight was 33rd in the history of the shuttle. After he returned from orbit to Earth, it will give the museum at Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.

First flight of «Atlantis» made in October 1985. Beginning in 1995, made seven shuttle flights to the Russian space station «Mir». With his help, in particular, on «World» was delivered to an additional docking module for the station, carried a change of crews.

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