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Baikonur is conducted refueling fuel components of the spacecraft "Express-AM4"

This morning, in the finishing chamber assembly and test facility area 92A-50 Baikonur began filling the fuel propulsion components of telecommunications spacecraft «Express-AM4.»

The spacecraft «Express-AM4» was created by the State Research and Production Space Centre. M. Khrunichev partnership with EADS Astrium on the order of Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Space Communication». Weight 5.755 kg satellite, the expected service life in orbit for 15 years. The device will operate in geostationary orbit at the position 80 degrees East longitude. It has 30 transponders in C-band, 28 — Ku-band, two — Ka-band and three — L-band.

Launch space rocket «Proton-M» with the upper stage «Briz-M» and the Russian telecommunications spacecraft «Express-AM4» is scheduled for August 18 this year

Press-service of Russian Federal Space Agency and Space Center «South»

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