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At the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch campaign continues active

On the «Gagarin» Baikonur launch complex, work continues in preparation for the launch of the cargo transport vehicle (SCC) of «Progress M-12M.» At 15:30 specialists start calculating the joint began to «prolivke» fueling equipment and training systems for fueling of the launch vehicle (LV), «Soyuz-U» propellants.

On the morning of August 24 is scheduled doukladka equipment in the SCC, «Progress M-12M.» Day of the State Commission will have to decide to start charging and space rocket.

Running GTK «Progress M-12M» is scheduled to perform August 24 at 17 hours 00 minutes 11 seconds GMT.

Cargo ship «Progress M-12M» will bring to the station in 2670 kg of cargo: fuel, equipment for scientific research, inventory of compressed oxygen, food, consumed equipment for the Russian and American segments of the station, sending to the ISS.

Simultaneously with the work on the «Gagarin» launch complex in the assembly and testing facility (MIK) pl.254 rocket specialists from RSC «Energia» perform an operation to test a manned spacecraft «Soyuz-TMA-22» for leaks.

In the assembly and testing facility site 112 representatives of foreign clients conducting an autonomous training 6 spacecraft «Globalstar-2» for the upcoming launch.

Today, the transportation will be the upper stage (RB) «Fregat» on gas station sites 31-44.

Starting a cluster of 6 SC «Globalstar-2» is scheduled to perform with the carrier rocket «Soyuz-2.1a» with the upper stage «Fregat» in October of 2011.

Previous launch a cluster of six spacecraft «Globalstar-2» successfully conducted July 11, 2011 from Baikonur.

All work is carried out in accordance with the schedule.

Press Service of the Russian Space Agency

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