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The third starting day of the "Proton"

At the Baikonur Cosmodrome to continue to prepare for the launch of space rocket (ILV), «Proton-M» with the upper block (RB) «Breeze-M» and the telecommunications spacecraft (SC) «KvettsSat-1».

Today experts rocket and space industry are working on the program of the third launch day.

In the morning at the launch site a meeting of technical guidance on the test results of space rocket systems and simulate the filling of the launch vehicle.

At the launch complex Sq. 200 specialists of Russian Space Agency conducting temperature control the ascent of RKN, is onboard charging batteries of the spacecraft.

Also today, will be performed Docking storage and drainage connections to the neck of the booster.

Work on the launch complex will continue until late evening.

Start ILV «Proton-M» with RB «Breeze-M» and SC «KvettsSat-1» is scheduled for September 29.

Press Service of the Russian Space Agency

Source: www.roscosmos.ru

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