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On Baikonur - the second day starting with a rocket "Proton-M" and SC "Viasat-1"

n Baikonur continues preparations for the launch of space rocket «Proton-M» with the upper stage «Breeze-M» spacecraft and communications «Viasat-1».

On Sunday, after removal of the carrier rocket on launch pad area 200 works on schedule the first launch day.

October 17 calculations enterprises Space Agency launched a set of control home readiness rocket «Proton-M» taking advantage of measuring points spaceport. Simulations are planned refueling tank rocket fuel components, functional checks of the spacecraft, «Viasat-1».

Spacecraft «Viasat-1» is designed to provide satellite Internet service in the Ka-band users in North America.

Launch space rocket «Proton-M» with the upper stage «Breeze-M» spacecraft communications and «Viasat-1» is scheduled for 22:48 GMT October 19 2011.

Press Service of the Russian Space Agency

Source: www.roscosmos.ru

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