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Yamal-401 Launch Preparation Finishing

At the Cosmodrome Baikonur, the next stage of launch preparation of the Proton-M ILV with Breeze-M upper stage and Russian Yamal-401 telecommunication satellite completed.

The Yamal-401 pre-launch processing is being carried out by experts from the Reshetnev Information and Satellite Systems Company. At the previous stage, the final preparations to join Proton-M to upper composite were completed at assembly & test building, Pad 92-50. Today, the preparation of the upper composite to be assembled with Proton-M has been finished. The spacecraft testing is completed and payload fairing is installed. At the same time, the teams of Yuzhny Space Center, TsENKI Division are preparing the launching complex, Pad 81 for receiving Proton-M which will place Yamal-401 into orbit.

The previous launch of Proton-M was on 22 October 2014 which injected successfully the Russian Express AM6 telecommunication satellite in orbit.

Proton-M with Yamal-401 atop is scheduled for launch on 16 December 2014.

A new satellite comprising the orbital constellation of the Russian satellite communication Operator Gazprom Space Systems is designed for continuous relaying signals and TV broadcasting in Europe and Asia. The satellite has 53 transponders and six antennas in C/Ku-bands.

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