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Russia after a five years' break will have a weather satellite

From the cosmodrome Baikonur at 19:55 Moscow time was started by a carrier rocket «Sojuz-2» with the Russian meteorological companion «Meteor-M», ITAR-TASS reports referring to the representative of Roskosmos. At 20:04 the companion has been deduced into a low orbit. It is expected that within two hours разгонный block «Frigate» delivers the companion to a target orbit.

Start of a rocket with a weather satellite was twice postponed, last time because of necessity to spend additional checks of a carrier rocket and a starting complex. Together with «Meteor-M» of «Sojuz-2» delivers to an orbit five more small space apparatus.

Now at Russia is not present in an orbit of the Earth of any own weather satellite — last, «the Meteor 3-М», has failed in 2004. In 2010 it is planned to start a weather satellite of new generation «Elektro-L», and in 2011 — one more weather satellite, «Elektro-Ll».

Companion «Meteor-M» has been developed by the All-Russia scientific research institute of electromecanics of a name of Iosifjana.

Source: Lenta.ru

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