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Meteor-M No2 In-Flight Tests Brought to Completion

The in-flight tests of the Meteor-M No2 satellite launched on 8 July 2014 from Baikonur are being completed.
Such a long period of testing is due to a large number of complicated tests of the onboard systems ensuring the remote sensing correct performance and high quality data.

The onboard special-purpose equipment characteristics were assessed and the onboard information systems were calibrated during the testing. During the tests, a sufficient amount of metadata has been acquired allowing for the decisions on the Meteor-M No2 actual preparedness for putting into operation.

The main Meteor-M No2 mission purpose is to provide a qualitative, reliable, and timely hydrometeorological and ocean data.
In the world today, an operational disaster prediction dictates not only the possibility of reducing in economic losses but also avoiding civilian casualties. The examples of the recent past are the striking demonstration: floods, tsunamis, typhoons, and tornados caused severe damage to many countries.

The data from Meteor-M No2 may be useful for predicting in advance the adverse natural events.
Currently, the satellite data is processed not only by divisions of ROSCOSMOS, but also of Roshydromet.

According to the stakeholders, the data acquired exceeds considerably in quality all available data.
Meteor-M No2 carries the following payloads: MTVZA-GY microwave radiometer, GGAK-M heliogeophysical instrument package, and IKFS-2 spectrometer installed on board the Meteor-type spacecraft for the first time.

ROSCOSMOS Press Service

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