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Upcoming ISS undocking and GTK "Progress M-11M"

On the International Space Station (ISS) is completed preparations for the undocking of cargo ship «Progress M-11M.»

On the eve of the Russian crew members of the twenty-eighth long-term expedition completed the laying of the deleted cargo «Progress M-11M.» Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonaut afternoon Sergei Volkov closed passageways between the truck assembly compartment and the service module «Zvezda», where the ship is from June 23 this year.

According to the ballistics of the Mission Control Center on August 23 at 13 hours 35 minutes Moscow time, the team will be given to decoupling «Progress M-11M» to the ISS. Then the truck separates from the station and go into devyatisutochny autonomous flight.

Press-service of Russian Federal Space Agency and the PMU

Source: www.roscosmos.ru

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