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The lunar probe has found the coldest point of Solar system

Orbital lunar probe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has found the coldest point of Solar system. It is in the shaded craters near to South Pole of the terrestrial companion. The probe has found out the coldest place during drawing up of a temperature card of the Moon. On opening details informs portal ScienceNOW.

The temperature in craters reaches a minus of 240 degrees of Celsius. It is all on 33 degrees above absolute zero. Even on Plutone who is possessed in 40 times further from the Sun, on some degrees is warmer. Soon the temperature on Moon South Pole will increase, and the coldest place in Solar system «will move» on northern pole.

In cold craters the most different molecules, for example, water or methane can be sealed". Theoretically, the future lunar residents can use these stocks. Besides, during their studying of a chemical compound of molecules in craters astronomers can learn the new information on early stages of formation of Solar system.

It is necessary to notice that lunar craters are the coldest objects of Solar system of a natural origin. Absolute leaders on negative temperatures are detectors of a telescope of «Gershel» — the largest telescope started for limits of the Earth. With its help astronomers expect to study evolution and Universe chemistry. «Gershel» works in an infra-red range and can «see» through a dust which is filling in a space.

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