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Launch of Discovery to the ISS has been rescheduled

NASA postponed the launch of shuttle Discovery until November 3.

According to the Interfax news agency earlier identified the shuttle launch on Nov. 2, but experts at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida did not have time to complete preparations for launch. They had to take place by replacing the connectors on the pipelines located in the helium pressurization system of the right engine of the orbital maneuvering «Discovery». Therefore, the launch was moved to November 3, 15:52 local time (22:52 GMT).

First launch of Discovery was scheduled for November 1. However, on October 18 was found leaking plugs in the tail compartment. It was reported that the start because of the repair will not be postponed, but then run all the same was moved to November 2.

Discovery will deliver to the International Space Station Italian multipurpose module Leonardo, and a number of goods. Also, the shuttle will bring to the ISS robot Robonaut 2, designed to work in weightlessness. In addition, the shuttle to the space station, astronauts will head Steven Lindsey, Eric Boe, Alvin Drew, Michael Barratt, Timothy Kopra and Nicole Stott. The flight will last 11 days and will last for the «Discovery».

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