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Operations and Experiments in the International Space Station

ISS attitude control with USOS CMG assistance
Inspection and photographing of the ISS RS windows
Regeneration of the absorbing cartridges in microcontaminant air purification filter
Completion of the Piren-B pyro-endoscope charging for Bar experiment
Charging accumulator batteries for Rusalka experiment
ECLSS (Environment Control and Life Support System) maintenance operations

Space ray research: BTN-Neutron (registration of high-energy neutron flows)
Study of the physical conditions in the ISS environment: Matreshka-R (study of radiation environment dynamics in the station and improvement of space dosimeter)
Space bio-technology: Biotrek (study of space radiation heavy particle flows influence on genetic properties of producing cells in biologically active substances), Lactolen (study of the space environment effects on growing, genetic and physiological parameters of the lactolen producent strain)
Life-science experiments: Biorisk (exposure of the sets with passive samples)
Geophysics and studies of the near-Earth space: Vsplesk (Splash)(monitoring of the seismic effects in near-Earth space), Molniya-Gamma (study of the atmospheric gamma and optical flashes during thunderstorms)
Earth remote sensing: SVCh-Radiometry (research of the surface, ocean and atmosphere parameters)
Technical studies and experiments: Dalnost (Range) (study and application of the ISS global timing signals for refining orbital motion parameters), Sreda (Environment) (integrated study of the ISS parameters as industrial environment for different research).

ISS-28 crew: Commander Andrey Borisenko (Roscosmos), Flight Engineers Alexander Samokutiaev (Roscosmos), Ronald Garan (NASA).

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