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One of the cooling systems has broken on the ISS

On the International Space Station has a problem in one of the systems of thermoregulation. A report published on the website NASA, said that on Saturday night, July 31, the ISS has failed circuit breaker pump a cooling system.

Crew, consisting of three Russian cosmonauts and three astronauts NASA, on the night of Sunday, August 1, tried to run the pump stops pumping, but an attempt to no avail.

In the statement, NASA emphasized that problems in the system of thermoregulation was not a danger to the crew, nor for the station. In the block switching power station, said in a statement, recorded a slight increase in temperature, but not exceeding the normal range.

According to the preliminary plan, adopted by NASA experts at a meeting on Sunday, a defective pump is replaced at the time for an astronaut in EVA, scheduled for Thursday, August 5. Two spare pump is stored on the platforms on the outside of the station.

In turn, representatives of the Russian Mission Control Center said in an interview with Interfax that the problem arose in the American sector of the ISS. The Russian sector, they stressed, is operating normally.

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