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Federal Space Agency and NASA will sign a joint protocol about the implementation of various space programs.

Federal Space Agency and NASA, may sign a joint protocol for the implementation of various space programs at this month , said Russian Federal Space Agency chief Anatoly Perminov.

«Together with NASA, the protocol should be signed this month» — said AN Perminov told reporters after the traditional tea party with the astronauts traveling to the ISS in December.

According to him, the protocol will be negotiated joint programs. For example, the asteroid, the work on the moon and carry out joint activities in Earth orbit.

«In addition, support will be negotiated by NASA to manage the automatic interplanetary station Phobos-soil» with the help of U.S. ground facilities "- said AN Perminov.

He also said that the first manned mission from the Baikonur «East» in the Amur Region is planned for 2018. AN Perminov also said that the Soyuz TMA-20 "in which astronauts in December, will fly to the ISS, was replaced by the lander.

«We returned it back to the» Energy «and replaced all the appliances, despite the fact that the inspections have shown their good performance,» — said the AN Perminov.

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