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A draft of the new Russian manned spacecraft has made.

RSC Energia has completed the development of conceptual design of the new Russian manned spacecraft, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the head of the corporation Vitaly Lopota. Prior to 30 June 2010 the project will be referred to the Roskosmos.

Employees of the Federal Space Agency will conduct technical examination of the project and determine future actions to create a ship, or, as it is called, promising a manned transport system. As noted Lopota, he would bring to the orbit at the same time six and a half-ton payloads, and the load on the crew will be significantly reduced.

Future transportation systems will consist of a reentry vehicle and engine compartment. Compared with the Union precision landing capsule will be much higher — deviation must not exceed 2.5 kilometers from the settlement sites. Diameter of the capsule was 4,4 meters — this is twice the diameter of the capsule of the Union. Through the use of aluminum alloy for added strength, as well as carbon-fiber weight of the landing vehicle will be reduced by 20-30 percent.

In the propulsion system will be used gaseous oxygen and ethyl alcohol, which do not harm the environment. In addition, it will have its own government, controlling the fall of the installation. Such a measure would avoid the falling fragments of the construction of residential facilities.

Navigation promising transport system will be implemented with the help of specially developed equipment, including receivers GLONASS and high-precision optical and gyroscopic sensors.

Competition of the new Russian manned spacecraft was conducted in early 2009. The winner was unanimously recognized by RSC Energia. In addition to her in the tender participated only State Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev. Competition is not widely covered and accompanied by various rumors. Learn more about the developments can be read here. Note the choice of the winner appeared April 6, 2009.

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