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The ISS cooling system repair will be held in two phases

To replace a broken pump one of the cooling system of ISS, the astronauts will require two spacewalks, the first of which is scheduled for August 6. This Aug. 2 reported NASA.

It is assumed that during the first spacewalk ISS crew will replace a faulty pump at one of two spare stored outside the station. During the second exit, which will take two or three days, astronauts will connect the new mechanism for electricity and liquid flow. Originally estimated that repair work will begin on August 5, but after the drills of the crew of ISS on the ground at NASA decided to postpone the replacement of corrupt pump.

Problems in the system of thermoregulation ISS began on July 31. They have led to a denial of the cooling system and a slight increase in temperature in the American sector of the station. It was reported that failure does not pose a threat to the International Space Station.

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