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The Second Glonass-M Satellite of the Cluster to be Launched in September Arrives at Baikonur

This morning, IL-76 airplane delivered one more Glonass-M satellite to Baikonur.
The spacecraft is to be launched in a cluster with the other two (for the first one of the three, prelaunch processing is over, and now it is in the storage mode; the other one is to be shipped to the space port in August) in early September.

After the customs clearance, the spacecraft was transported to the integration and test facility for further prelaunch operations.
Three Glonass satellites will be lofted aboard Proton-M with DM upper stage on Sept. 2.
Glonass-M spacecraft are produced by Reshetnev Infromational Satellites Systems company. The satellites, with active lifetime of 7 years, are intended for Russian Global Navigation System GLONASS.

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