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Endeavour launch has postponed because of Russia's truck.

U.S. postponed the launch of space shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station (ISS) for sending it to the Russian space truck, according to Monday, April 4, at the official website of the National Aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA).

Launch Endeavour was moved from 19 to 29 April 2011, as of April 27, scheduled for launch to ISS truck «Progress».

NASA leadership did not want a Russian truck docks with ISS when there already is «Endeavour». Federal Space Agency, in turn, refused to postpone the launch of the «Progress» as well as on its board are materials for biological experiments on which it can not be delayed.

Thus, the Russian truck will travel to the ISS first. Docking of «Progress» to the ISS is scheduled for April 29.

Flight of Endeavour (mission STS-134) is the penultimate in the American program to launch the shuttle. The crew will comprise six astronauts, including Mark Kelly and Gregory Johnson. On the ISS will be delivered to a set of experimental materials worth $ 2 billion.

30-year-old U.S. space shuttle program will be phased out after the launch of Atlantis this summer.

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