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Glonass Prelaunch Operations Continue at Baikonur

Experts at Baikonur continue prelaunch operations with Proton-M rocket, DM upper stage, and Glonass-M satellites to be launched in a cluster on Sept. 2, at 4.53 a.m. MSK.

Proton-Ms first stage assembly began today at site 92-50. The work is done by Khrunichev and Yuzhny Space Centers.

Glonass-M prelaunch processing also goes on in this building. Trusses and solar array panels are installed on the second spacecraft of the cluster. The first satellite is already in a storage house. The third one is to arrive to the space port next week. Propulsion tanks for this satellite are being loaded with propellant in the prop filling station.

RSC-Energia experts continue prelaunch processing of the DM upper stage at site 254.

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