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In the United States took place the first launch of a private rocket Falcon-9.

In the United States at Cape Canaveral on June 4 took place the first launch of a private rocket Falcon-9 by SpaceX company.

Start launcher Falcon-9 took place at 14:35 local time (22:35 Moscow time). Branch of the first and second stage of the rocket and its ascent to orbit were successful. As the Associated Press, a rocket into orbit a prototype cargo spacecraft Dragon, also developed by SpaceX.

The missile was launched at the second attempt. The first launch was canceled for a few seconds before launch due to technical problems.

The first test engine Falcon-9 should have been held in March, but he was lifted for a few seconds before the start because of a failure in the system of pre-launch. Subsequent tests rocket engines have been successful.

SpaceX and another private company, Orbital Sciences to develop U.S. government cargo spacecraft, which will be required to deliver cargo into orbit after the space shuttle flights will be discontinued.

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