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Start shuttle "Endeavor" has postponed.

The U.S. space agency postponed the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor, scheduled for Feb. 7. The reason for this decision was the low clouds at Cape Canaveral.

Start postponed for a day, but NASA was warned that the final decision will depend on weather conditions.

«Endeavor» to deliver to the ISS module "Tranquility» (Tranquility), which is equipped with a special overview dome with seven portholes. This dome will watch from the station for work in open space. In particular, the astronauts will be able to better control the crane, for which there can only look on the monitor connected to the external cameras.

As NASA stated that after installing the module «Calm» and installation of the dome ISS will be ready by 90 percent.

On board the shuttle to the space station go six Americans — actronavty George Castle, Terry Verts, Catherine Ha’eri, Stephen Robinson, Nicholas Patrick and Robert Behnken.

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