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Space Shuttle Discovery docked with the ISS

Space Shuttle «Discovery» wich went into orbit on April 5, docked to the International Space Station. About it RIA Novosti reported with reference to the coordinator of NASA Public Affairs in the Moscow Mission Control Center Sergey Puzanov.

Soon after launch it became clear that he has damaged antenna centimeter. It is necessary for transmission to Earth of a large volume of data, but its function may take on other antennas shuttle. Also, antenna centimeter need to perform docking maneuvers. In the case of its refusal to dock the ISS uses its own antenna. While not reported, which of the antennas was involved.

On board the shuttle is a crew of seven people, including three women. Thus, all the while the shuttle is docked to the ISS, at the same time it will be four women — one of the crew station is an American astronaut Tracy Colwell Dyson.

Discovery delivered to the International Space Station a large number of goods placed in the transport module Leonardo. These include fitness equipment, sleeping place for the inhabitants of the station, experimental equipment.

The mission of the shuttle will last 13 days. His crew must perform three spacewalks, during which, in particular, will be replaced by a tank of liquid nitrogen.

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