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Endeavor docked to the ISS.

Space Shuttle Endeavor successfully docked to the International Space Station. This February 10 report NASA.

In the shuttle crew included spacecraft commander, George Castle, the pilot Terry Verts and mission specialist Catherine Ha’eri, Stephen Robinson, Nicholas Patrick and Robert Behnken.

The main goal of 9-day flight is to deliver to the orbit module of Tranquility. This module is equipped with a special overview dome, which will allow astronauts to observe the work of the ISS manipulator without external cameras. In addition, R. Behnken and N. Patrick plan to perform three EVAs.

In addition, the astronauts will repair the system for regeneration of water from urine on the American segment of the ISS and will transfer from one node to another germoadapter PMA-3.

It is planned that the ship undock from the station on February 19 and February 21 had already returned to Earth.

As previously reported, recently, to the ISS was joined Russia’s fourth module — «Search», or MIM-2 (Small Research Module-2). Full completion of the ISS is scheduled for completion by 2015. According to the agreement reached by participating countries of the project, the timing of the space station has been extended until 2020.

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