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Approved Russia's part of the crew for flight on Mars.

Experts have completed the selection of Russia part of the crew, which will participate in the experiment, the Mars-500, model flight to the Red Planet. About it reports «New Region» referring to sources in the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP), which is involved in the experiment.

Names of participants have not been disclosed. In addition to the four Russians to the organizers to select two other Europeans, which together amount to «Mars» crew.

It is expected that volunteers will hold a special closed complex in a total of 520 days. Of these 250 days will be simulated flight to the Red Planet, 240 days — way back, and within 30 days of the experiment participants will participate in the «Martian» surface.

Especially for the last phase, scientists have built an experimental set to simulate the work on the surface of the planet. All modules are located in the Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russia Academy of Sciences.

The main purpose of experiment is to study the psychological complexities of the interaction of people during long space flights. However, many factors are present space flight is not modeled: for example, weightlessness and radiation exposure.

The new experiment was the third performed in the «Mars-500». In July 2009 in Moscow completed 105-day experiment on the simulation of the flight to Mars. It was attended by four Russians, French and German.

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