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The traces of recent volcanic activity has found on Venus .

Astrophysicists have found confirmation of the relatively recent volcanic activity on Venus.

In the study, researchers used data on the temperature of the planet’s surface, collected by the spectrometer VIRTIS (Visible and Infrared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer — Spectrometer for monitoring thermal radiation in the infrared and visible) on board Venus Express. According to scientists, the high density of the atmosphere leads to the fact that the temperature at the surface is completely determined by the temperature of the atmosphere.

By comparing the predictions obtained using a computer model with actual data, scientists were able to identify so-called hot regions — part of the surface, where the temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than predicted.

Subsequent analysis of the information gathered revealed that the discrepancy with the theory due to the peculiarities of the breed in this region, as well as an insufficient degree of erosion under the influence of the Venusian weather. Researchers believe that these regions may consist of material that was thrown to the surface by volcanic activity.

The data collected, but not enough to say how long the volcanic activity occurred. According to scientists, the age of the soil may lie in the range from 250 years to 2.5 million years, but it is assumed that the age of rocks, most likely, lies closer to the lower boundary. Thus, many volcanoes may be active so far.

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