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South Korea postponed the launch of the first missile

South Korea postponed the launch of the first rocket to August 19, 2009 «for reasons related to the first stage». Earlier, the launch was scheduled for 11 August 2009.

On board the rocket, known as KSLV-1 (Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1 — Korean booster-1), will be launched into orbit a small scientific satellite. Initially, the launch was to place more 30 June 2009, but was postponed due to the fact that Russian specialists involved in the project do not have time to test the first stage.

In the case of a successful launch KSLV-1 Korea plans to develop its own launch vehicle KSLV-2. When you create will use technology, accumulated during the construction of the first version.

More recently, South Korea completed the construction of the first own Naro Space Center worth 248 million dollars. The complex includes the building of research centers, launch site, as well as of optical and radio-flight rockets and satellites.

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