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Today "Rassvet" going to the ISS.

May 14 evening, from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (USA) launched the American Space Shuttle Atlantis »STS-132 with the new Russian small research module" Dawn "on board.

Shuttle launch to the International Space Station is scheduled in 22 hours 20 minutes Moscow time (18:20 GMT).
The work on preparation for launch are planned. Yesterday, experts removed the rotating farm service shuttle from launch pad 39A, which now should start spaceship.

Do Astronauts Atlantis yesterday was a day of rest. Recall that in the composition of the crew of U.S. astronaut Kenneth Ham, Dominic Antonelli, Garrett Reisman, Michael Goode, Stephen Bowen, Piers Sellers.

As part of Mission STS-132 Atlantis will deliver to the ISS Russian Research Module «Dawn» (MIM-1), which will be docked to the nadir port docking Functional Cargo Block Zarya, as well as other goods and equipment. As part of the station MIM-1 will provide five new research jobs — four stationary and one universal working place for scientific equipment, the Russian segment of ISS.

The flight of Atlantis "will last 12 days. The crew of the shuttle during this time should be a number of works to service and resupply the station.
One of the latest launches the program «Space Shuttle» in the Space Center. Kennedy will be overseen by an official delegation of the Federal Space Agency, led by the head of the Federal Space Agency AN Perminov.

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