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FSUE RISDE represents a unique technology at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2009.

Zhukovsky, Moscow Region., 18 — 23 August 2009. On the territory of Leah by Gromov during the six days will be the most important aerospace event two years — MAKS 2009.
The exhibition is organized under the auspices of the exposition the Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos), which traditionally takes part leading domestic space instrumentation — Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Russian Scientific Research Institute of Space Instrument» (FSUE «RISDE»).

The pavilion «D-1» on the area over 70 sq. km. meters placed thematic exposition of the main activities of the institute. Visitors can get acquainted with the activities of the establishment, development and modernization of the global navigation system GLONASS, the capacity of national systems of navigation, functionality additions, samples of navigational equipment customers.

Especially the involvement of FSUE «RISDE» in the MAKS-2009 is the widespread use of modern visual, virtual and interactive information technologies for the presentation of the main activities of the enterprise.

The main element of the exhibition will be an interactive three-dimensional presentation of the global navigation system GLONASS — «Virtual World GLONASS (GLONASS or-Island)». This is an extremely innovative exhibition solution, designed specifically to order FSUE «RISDE» and the Federal Space Agency for a demonstration on the 48 th Paris Air Show «Le Bourget 2009» and finalized for presentation at the International Aviation and Space Salon «MAKS-2009».

Visitors will see a unique presentation, which is a stereoscopic 3D solution, suggesting a special show on 42 `` 3D-display. Several scenes show the orbital grouping system, starting with the withdrawal of the spacecraft into orbit, as well as the main area of application of the GLONASS satellite navigation technology (monitoring of transport, transport of dangerous and valuable goods, surveying, monitoring of complex engineering structures and buildings, natural sites, personal navigation).

The main attraction of the presentation — the possibility of interactive intervention of the audience at every stage.


«Island GLONASS»
Presentation «The Island of GLONASS» — is the computer generated virtual model of the GLONASS system, which includes the simulation of the situation on the orbit in real time (real-time simulation). The coordinates of the satellites are set by the almanac, which is updated every day. The movement of satellites in orbits accelerated to the visibility of 120 times.
«Island GLONASS» — it is scalable interactive 3D application demonstrating the capabilities of the GLONASS system, a scenario which is programmed and is complemented by new models and scenes.

All three-dimensional objects in scenes for applications in the «Island GLONASS» can obtain information on their location from satellites, in the zone of visibility of where they are located.
This application makes it possible to simulate the situation in the future anywhere in the world in real time.

3D pointer
3D pointer — a device that provides for the navigation in the virtual space, manipulation of 3D objects and scenes, and management of 3D presentations. He has 5 degrees of spatial freedom. To carry out its tracking (determining its position and orientation in space) is a single chamber.
3D pointer — this innovative product of Russian developers, which has no analogues.
Presentation «Islands GLONASS» on exhibition complements «interactive recreation zone» on the second 3D display technologies and interactive virtual tags.

3D Tags
This is an example of technology «enhanced reality», when the real objects with the help of special software «tied» virtual three-dimensional models and scenes with the possibility of animation. At this time, a special interactive system, which reads the position and orientation (tracking technology), the interactive labels on the desktop or on the user’s hand.

This technology works on any screen, but the most interesting effect is provided by visitors to our stereoscopic (3D) displays.

Bezochkovy 3D display gives the viewer an unusual opportunity to see the Earth through the eyes of an astronaut, as if they were in orbit and watched the planet to the International Space Station.
Visitors will be able to see the amazing pictures of the Russian cosmonaut Fyodor N. Yurchikhin during his work on the International Space Station, and specially processed for display in three-dimensional stereo. Unusual landscapes of the Earth — mountain ranges, craters from meteorites, diamond design, volcanic rocks and other space-based strike his presence, forcing visitors to stay long at the booth, watching the changing of personnel.

Technical exhibits
At the exhibition of the company will be presented:
1. Samples consumer navigation equipment GLONASS / GPS for various purposes, including:
navigational receiver GEOS-1 — one of the best solutions for creating devices for the consumer mass market in Russia (scale production — August 2009);
telematics module M2M Cyber GLX for vehicle monitoring systems — a modern GLONASS / GPS receiver, full development of the Russian serially produced in Russia;
Tracker-collar GLONASS / GPS to track animals;
M2M CyberFleet — software of the system for monitoring movement of vehicles — the demonstration of the system via the Internet in real time;
2. Space remote sensing remote sensing to meet the challenges to socio-economic development of the state (presentation);
3. The system power supply of small spacecraft-based lithium-ion batteries — the most advanced joint Franco-Russian energy development in the field of spacecraft that have no analogues in Russia;
4. Model antenna for communication with deep space P-2500;
5. Models of technological nanosatellite TNS-0 1, 2.

As part of the exhibition include demonstrations and video presentations on the major activities of FSUE «RISDE».

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