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The "Endeavor" astronauts has began the second of three spacewalks.

Saturday at 21:20 Eastern Daylight Time (5:20 on February 14 Moscow time), astronauts Robert Behnken and Nicholas Patrick began the second spacewalk of the flight of space shuttle Endeavor to the ISS. This was reported on the site NASA.

Behnken and Patrick should be connected to the thermal control system ammonia pipeline hub station module "Tranquility» (Tranquility), which was delivered into orbit «Endeavor». In addition, the astronauts will assemble on the module thermal blankets and set up eight handholds.

Specialists conduct outside the station for more than 6 hours. In total, the flight of Endeavor to the ISS scheduled three exits into space.

Meanwhile it became known that the shuttle mission extended by one day. Now the «Endeavor» undock from the ISS on 20 February and will return to Earth on February 22.

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