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Hubble photographed the star protoplasm

Hubble Space Telescope photographed the nebula NGC 2467, located in the constellation of Foods, and similar in appearance to the boiling potion. Photos of the nebula in high definition and a brief description is available at the telescope.

The object is NGC 2467 is removed from the solar system at a distance of 13,000 light years and is a huge gas cloud, consisting mainly of hydrogen, in which new stars are born. They emit intense ultraviolet radiation, which «highlights» the entire nebula. In addition, ultraviolet light «clears» the cloud, shifting the unborn light to the outskirts of NGC 2467.

Recently, a team of scientists analyzing transmitted Hubble Space Telescope pictures, presented one more unusual shot. Astronomers have published photos of «dying bird» — a strange shape Protoplanetary nebula, located in the constellation Cygnus.

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