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Telescope to study the birth of the universe passed the first data.

Orbital Observatory «Plank» for study the microwave background radiation of the Universe, on Thursday, August 13, handed over the first data. About it the European Space Agency (ESA) reported in the press release .

The first day of the «Plank» responsible for his mission specialists will be to test its devices and configure the operating modes. If the debut of the telescope will be successful, the information collected will be added to the common pool of scientific data obtained «Plank». It was expected that the telescope who have less than 15 months.

The effective temperature of the telescope must be very low. Cryogenic system of the device cools to a temperature of about minus 273.05 degrees Celsius. After the system fully operational, «Plank» has become the coldest known space objects.

Orbital Observatory «Plank» has been bred in space launch vehicles Arian-5 together with the most current infrared telescope «Гершель». «Plank» will record a so-called microwave background, or a relic, the radiation universe. To see how to work observatory here.

It is believed that the relic radiation of been preserved from the earliest stages of the universe. The actual discovery of the microwave background radiation is a major proof of the theory of Big Bang

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