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Russian Cosmonauts Returned to the ISS after EVA

Russian cosmonauts completed their EVA activities outside the International Space Station.
Fyodor Yurchikhin and Oleg Skripochka returned to the station at 00.23 MSK, Nov. 16, after a 6-hour, 28-minute excursion.
The spacewalk was the fifth for Yurchikhin, and the first for Skripochka.
Cosmonauts successfully completed a set of planned EVA operations, which included installation of multipurpose workstation on the starboard side of the Zvezda service modules large-diameter section, cleaning and removing a robotics experiment known as Kontur, installing a new materials experiment on a handrail on the Rassvet module, collecting samples from the exterior of Zvezda and Pirs, installation of the soft hand-rail on the Pirs module, installation of the SKK cassette on the Poisk module.

They also removed a television camera from the Rassvet docking compartment.

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