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Soyuz TMA-20 is Flying Towards the ISS

In line with the International Space Station mission plan, Soyuz TMA-20 crew vehicle was launched from Baikonur yesterday, at 22:09 MSK, with three crew.
The rocket successfully injected the vehicle into the orbit with the following parameters:
min altitude 200,67 km;
max altitude 253,30 km;
revolution 88,75 min;
inclination 51,64 deg.
The vehicle is due to dock to the stations Rassvet module on Dec. 17, at 23:12 (20:12 GMT).
Soyuz commander Dmitry Kondratiev, NASAs Catherine Coleman and ESAs Paolo Nespoli will join their colleagues Alexander Kaleri, Oleg Skripochka and Scott Kelly in the ISS.

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